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Madera County Farm Bureau represents our farmers and ranchers, our source for local, fresh, safe produce. Our membership is 1,200 individuals strong, including members of the farming community and the public who believe in the importance of supporting local farmers who feed their families.

Farm Bureau is the unified national voice of agriculture, we work to enhance and strengthen the lives of rural Americans and to build strong, prosperous agricultural communities.


What does Farm Bureau do?

  • Farm Bureau educates the public about the importance of farming and farm products in consumers' everyday lives.  Farming is a large part of today’s green movement!
  • We are an information source for our membership on topics relating to agriculture, including State and Federal regulations affecting the industry.
  • Farm Bureau plays an active role with legislators to develop policy in Sacramento and in Washington D.C.

What is Farm Bureau doing in Madera County?


  • Our Executive Director regularly attends City Council and Board of Supervisors meetings and acts as an overseer of land use policies and protection of the Williamson Act.
  • Our Board of Directors make policy recommendations to keep our State and National leaders informed on issues facing farmers in the San Joaquin Valley.
  • We were recently victorious in a challenge of a residential development without an adequate water supply, ultimately overturning a project approved by our County Supervisors.


  • Madera Farm Bureau gives up to $25,000 in scholarships annually to qualified applicants who are interested in returning to Madera County to better our community after completing their college degree.
  • We have gathered important information about starting a farming business from several agencies. Our "Beginning Farmer's Toolbox" is available to members. Topics addressed include: financing options, risk management, business permits and requirements, air quality compliance, pesticide use and employee safety.
  • Are you interested in becoming an advocate for California farmers and ranchers?  Inquire about the Leadership Farm Bureau Program.  It is a six month course that will give you the education you need to understand our state’s water system, legislative processes and our role as leader in the world agricultural market.


  • Our staff is versed in current state and federal regulations pertaining to agriculture. As a member, feel free to call or email us any time for assistance.

About CA Farm Bureau

The California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF) is a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary membership California corporation thatís purpose is to protect and promote agricultural interests throughout the state of California and to find solutions to the problems of the farm, the farm home and the rural community. Read More

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