Board of Directors

Jay Mahil - President

Jay is a 4th generation farmer who is involved in running Creekside Farming Co, Inc. which is a very vertically integrated company. He grows Almond, Pistachios & Wine grapes throughout the central valley. His family migrated to the United States back in 1906 from Punjab India where they also farmed. He is a Fresno State graduate in Ag Business, and he has been on the board of Directors since 2007.

Michael Naito - 2nd Vice President/Treasurer

Michael is a lifelong Madera area farmer. Current crops include grapes, almonds and pistachios. Michael has been a member of MCFB since 1998 and has been on the Board of Directors since 2007.


Nick Davis- Secretary

Nick manages wine grape vineyards for The Wine Group, located in the Central Valley.  He’s a graduate of Cal Poly (SLO) with a B.S. Degree in Viticulture and Enology.  He’s a former Pest Control Advisor and current Certified Crop Advisor.  In his spare time, Nick flies above the Central Valley in a small airplane to capture a bird’s-eye view of California’s diverse landscape.




Bob Cadenazzi

Bob Cadenazzi

Ryan Cosyns

Clay Daulton

Clay Daulton

Stephen Elgorriaga

Jason Erickson

Laura Gutile

Michele Lasgoity

Steve Massaro

Scott Maxwell

Neil McDougald

Jeff McKinney

Dennis Meisner

Jennifer Markarian

Pat Ricchiuti

Tom Rogers


Chris Wylie

Fun Facts

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