Board of Directors

Tom Coleman - President

Tom farms and manages pistachio ranches.  He is also the Chairman of the Pistachio Research Board and Vice Chairman of the Federal Pistachio Marketing Order.


Al Sheeter - 1st Vice President

Al manages the Mordecai Ranch, established in 1868.  Current crops include almonds and walnuts in addition to livestock.  Al has been a member of the MCFB since 1998 and has been on the Board of Directors since 2009.

Jay Mahil - 2nd Vice President


Michael Naito- Treasurer


Tom Rogers - Immediate Past President

Tom farms almonds on his family ranch. He and his brother, Dan, have farmed their property in dixieland that has been in the family since 1912. Tom is a past President of Madera County Farm Bureau.


Mathew Andrew

Bob Cadenazzi

Bob Cadenazzi

Clay Daulton

Clay Daulton

Nick Davis

Stephen Elgorriaga

Jim Erickson


Loren Freeman

Michele Lasgoity

Neil McDougald

Jeff McKinney

Dennis Meisner

Dino Petrucci

Pat Ricchiuti

Robert Sahatjian

Chris Wylie

Fun Facts

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