President's Message

October 2011


Great news!  We are pleased to announce we’ve hired a new Executive Director, Anja K. Raudabaugh.  Anja has an extensive background in agricultural policy development and legislation as well as nearly a decade of experience in water and environmental regulatory affairs.  If you’re in the neighborhood stop by and say hi.

As I write this, harvest is going at full speed for many crops and in the middle of this week we hit our first possible weather bump in the harvest road. The season’s first significant storm event is expected to hit late Tuesday into Wednesday by the time you read this we will know how big of a rain event we’ve had.

The response to the Draft EIR for the High Speed Rail (HSR) is due Thursday, October 13th.


The Madera County Farm Bureau will be submitting a Bureau comment letter to the HSR Committee, however; if you want to have a say in HSR make the time to respond to this draft EIR! Our office stands ready to assist you with comment letter formats and assistance.  If you would like to make sure your specific issue is addressed, please contact our office immediately.  In order to set the stage for any potential legal action at a later date, your comments must be submitted at this stage to be considered.  If you don’t respond, your complaining will not amount to anything.  There is additional information on our website ( ) about the HSR.

From an article in the Sacramento Bee, the U.S. Forest Service -as.html wants people to start thinking of wood as the new green building material.  A report issued Thursday cites scientific studies that wood is more energy-efficient and results in lower emissions of greenhouse gases than other building materials.  Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack said wood should take a larger role in construction because it has significant environmental benefits, promotes healthier forests and provides jobs.  A couple of thoughts does this mean they are going to make logging permits easier to get?  And is the real reason, which is mentioned deep in the article, are they looking for more revenue that additional logging permits might generate?

Hope this month is great for all.

Some cause happiness wherever they go, some whenever they go.

See Ya