Executive Address – August 2014

The month of August is ringing in the cheer and bustle of harvest.  It is also marking a near high of our epic drought and the contention among all is high.  The County of Madera has consistently been discussing the topic of a County wide moratorium on well drilling, and the issue remains highly contentious and unresolved.  Madera County Board of Supervisors Chairman Tom Wheeler has dedicated time at each meeting to discuss the topic.  Please see President Coleman’s address for the Farm Bureau Board of Director’s adopted recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors.

The Madera County Farm Bureau provides continual advocacy for our members at each and every single one of these meetings –but we need your help! Every single one of our members is needed to carry strength in these discussions so if you know a neighbor who isn’t a member of the Farm Bureau –let them know we’re fighting for them too.  So many people are currently out of the jurisdiction of an irrigation or water district and whose fate is riding solely with the County’s decision-makers –Farm Bureau would appreciate your support of our advocacy.

The Board of Supervisors also approved a residential and commercial development project –concurrent with discussions regarding well moratoria –in a 4-1 decision.  The project is 100% dependent on groundwater extraction and recharge. 

In light of the dire water situation we are all facing, the Madera County Farm Bureau Board of Directors voted to file a lawsuit against the County challenging the decision to approve a project of this scope and magnitude.  Litigation is never preferred, but the County’s decision to approval this project was certainly not our preference.
Please enjoy your harvest time and let us know if you have need of all things heat stress or safety related!

Anja K. Raudabaugh
Executive Director


January 2023