Executive Address – December 2011

Happy Holidays from the Madera County Farm Bureau! 

As this year comes to a close, it’s important to be thankful for the great prosperity agricultural is affording to our society at present.   Although some agricultural niches are experiencing harder times, agriculture as an economic sector is a promising investment these days –everything from climbing agricultural land values to a strong commodity export demand all show no signs of slowing.  It’s a good time to be a farmer, grower, rancher or ag-businessman –right?

Certainly the answer is “right,” but with a technical caveat.  You’ve got to be willing to tough out the regulatory bureaucracy mire that being involved in agricultural production has become.  For all their positive worth and healthy aims for society, governmental regulations involved in running an operation can be overwhelming, ever-changing, and often times downright expensive.  Expensive enough to either get out of the business or co-op just to get buy.  Agriculture in California is more threatened now than ever –despite its apparent economic prosperity, because navigating through this complex regulatory maze has questionable attraction to our coming agrarian youths and definite dubious reactions by our venerable ag veterans.
Agriculturalists need a hired gun.  A person who can successfully navigate this regulatory quagmire without draining pocketbooks as they do it with consulting fees, overhead bills, and high advisor markup fees. 

Happy Holidays from the Madera County Farm Bureau! 

Why not look to your local Farm Bureau for all these things?   The Farm Bureau is more than just an advocacy group –they are your local hired guns.  No one can understand your passion for local priority mixed with your repugnance for regulatory hoop-jumping like your local Farm Bureau.  Although each Farm Bureau varies with specific levels of expertise –they will ALWAYS know who to contact to assist with your individual situation.  Madera County Farm Bureau is happy to offer services that include traditional advocacy –however, we’re pleased to announce that our services have recently been expanded to regulatory and permit processing, local regulation expertise, and grant writing and proposal development.  The MCFB also can provide assistance with well replacements, pipeline and irrigation technology upgrades, and discharge permitting issues. 

So as you look toward the New Year and how to potentially circumnavigate the regulatory world we currently farm, ranch, or grow in –look to your local Farm Bureau for assistance, we will find a way! 


Anja K. Raudabaugh
Executive Director


March 2023