Executive Address – June 2012

We welcome the month of June and the summer heat!  Although we humans here in the Valley may wither in the summer sun –this is prime growing season for much of California’s bounty of fresh food. Did you know that nearly 76% of all produce in California will reach its prime productivity pre-harvest by the end of this month?  That’s an astonishing number considering that this great valley, which represents less than 1% of all the land on the earth will feed over 80% of the earth’s population!  So please, do your part –and EAT UP!

The MCFB has quite a full plate this month and we would like to invite you to be active participants in our endeavors as often as possible.  Firstly, we’re hosting the East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition on Thursday, June 21st, for a lunch time seminar discussing the new groundwater quality regulations.  All are welcome to participate –lunch will be provided although we ask that you please RSVP. If you’re not part of the ESJWQC yet –you need to be!  Everyone who uses water is subject to regulations promulgated by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.  Even if you’re on a well and use groundwater –the State has found a way to effectively “row you in.”  You will learn how these new regulations apply to you along with ways to reduce the State’s involvement with your water use.  You have less than 60 days to decide whether joining the coalition is in the better interest of your business –compared to the fines the State could levy –it’s a steal of a deal!  Please join us!

On June 1st, MCFB filed a major environmental lawsuit against the California High Speed Rail Authority.  Joining us as co-litigants are the County of Madera, Merced County Farm Bureau, the Chowchilla Water District, Preserve Our Heritage, and the Fagundes Brothers Dairy.  This strong group of agricultural powerhouses, in addition to the County, contends that the environmental document analyzing the rail project between Merced and Fresno is woefully deficient and its mitigation measures inadequate and untruthful.  MCFB feels that this lawsuit was necessary to protect the bedrock economy of agriculture in the Valley.  We are actively seeking support from the community, local businesses, and anyone who feels the rail project is the detriment of their livelihood and way of life.  Please contact the office as soon as possible to find out how you can help.  There is also an insert in this month’s paper if you need more information on our legal fund and actions.

We’re looking forward to a productive month here at the office –give us a ring or stop on by anytime!

Anja K. Raudabaugh
Executive Director


January 2023