April 2019

Do things ever slow down?  So much has been going on, and it seems to be never-ending.  There’s been a lot of heartburn in the media, lots of efforts being made towards more red tape coming out of Sacramento, and of course lots of commotion in the battle between Washington DC and California.  I won’t go on a rant about any of it this month, because I have positive news to share, but I will remind folks of the importance to stay in tune, communicate with their representatives, and share concerns and thoughts with people like me who are trying to do right by the farmer.

Now, on to the good news…This year MCFB celebrates 20 years of awarding scholarships and kicked off this scholarship season by awarding eleven scholarships totaling $48,000!!  Students from all walks of life are getting a little extra help for their college education, and that has all been made possible by our MCFB members and supporters.  These kids are the future of agriculture, we need to do all that we can to keep them engaged so that agriculture can survive for generations to come.  Students will be acknowledged at annual wine and beer tasting on Sunday, May 5th.

To celebrate this 20-year accomplishment, we decided to change things up a little bit.  As usual there will be wine and beer sampling, but considering the date, we decided we needed to spice things up and celebrate Cinco de Vino!  We’re bringing in a taquiza (tacos made on the spot), tequila, and mariachis.  It should be a fantastic time, and I encourage everyone to attend to support our local students!  Because of their wonderful generosity, we will once again be at Peters Brother’s.  Tickets can be purchased from any of the MFCB Board members, or you can swing by the office and pick them up from staff.  Hope to see you all there!


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