April 2021

Hello and Happy Spring MCFB Members and Supporters!  I apologize for the absence of my regular message, but I find myself straying from writing the monthly ED address, because the “light” continues to dim, and I hate to use this space to jump on my soap box and preach to the choir.

Between COVID, administration changes at both the state and federal level, and the continued unrolling of red tape, trying to see or find the positive or “light at the end of the tunnel” seems to be almost impossible.  MCFB has been buried in Zoom meetings about water quantity and quality, air quality, land use, immigration, and anything else the day might throw at us.  Like all of you, we are growing more and more frustrated with the actions being handed down by those that want to continue to eat and wear clothes but have no sense of where their food and clothing comes from, other than what store they shop at.

We have spent the last month helping to coordinate vaccine clinics, while still trying to get the regulatory needs of our members met.  Staff has worked hard to get trainings scheduled, while taking on a new roll in data management for the ILRP program (ESJ coalition).  We wrapped up our annual scholarship application review, finally shedding some positive light, and were able to award 15 scholarships to outstanding students in Madera County.  Learning about these students brings me hope that maybe things in the future will not be as bad as they seem.

We have also been trying to figure out how to navigate the “rules” on social gatherings to be able to host our annual scholarship event.  I am happy to report that we have found a work around and will be hosting a food and wine pairing on Sunday, May 2nd.  With the assistance of The Vineyard Restaurant, San Joaquin Wine Company, and Riley’s Brewing, we will be offering a delicious meal paired with wine and beer with each course.  Each meal will include an appetizer, salad, main course with a side, dessert, three different wines, and a bottle of beer.  We are excited have a little taste of normalcy, as well as the opportunity to see the faces of our members and supporters…it’s been too long.

Try to stay positive, enjoy the weather, but remember to pray for an amazing April, and we hope to hear from you soon.


March 2023