January 2016

HeadshotWishing you a Happy New Year from the Madera County Farm Bureau, with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come-including rain!

As many of you know the Farm Bureau has been involved in litigation with the County and with Gunner Ranch West, however there have not been many updates provided about it. For that I apologize…Being new to the office I have been bringing myself up to speed, in order to be well informed in as many aspects of the case as I can be. With that said, things have been pretty quiet on that front, as our legal counsel has been preparing briefs, and reviewing discovery. Our opening brief has been filed, and we are awaiting response from the defendants. We will have a court hearing to hear arguments on our opening brief in mid-February.

With that being said, litigation has been rather costly. Last month we published a letter in the newsletter asking for assistance in helping with those costs. I ask that if you are able and willing please contribute, as the outcome of this case will affect not only a few in Madera County, but could set precedence for the entire county.

On a lighter note, the office is busy planning for upcoming safety meetings. We currently have First Aid and CPR scheduled, and are putting together a Spring Training schedule which will include hazardous material training, pesticide handling, heat stress management, tractor/equipment safety, harvest safety, and several others. Please keep an eye out for that information which will appear in next month’s newsletter and on the website. If you would like to sign up for the First Aid/CPR class, be added to a list for information regarding our Spring Training or have suggestions about any other classes you would like to see us offer please call the office.

We look forward to serving our membership in the upcoming year!


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