January 2018

Happy New Year MCFB Members!  Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to business.  With every new year, there are always new challenges, and here at Madera County Farm Bureau, we are working hard to keep up with those, as well as ensure that our members are kept up to date.  This month we will kick off the year with several opportunities to get up to speed with what we will be facing this year.  There will be an all-day Water Forum on the 11th, to review what’s in store in the water world right now.  The County will be having an Ag Hazmat Workshop to explain the new potential registration requirements/exemptions for those with Hazardous Material.  Our Roundtable will be back on the 19th, followed up an update on the New Ag Labor Laws on the 24th.  Finally we will have a CPR and First Aid Training in Spanish for those that need to get into compliance with the 1 person for every 20 employees requirement.  Keep in mind that everyone needs to update their labor law posters due to the significant number of updates effective 2018.  MCFB has the complete OSHA 4-Poster set available in the office for purchase.  As always if there is something specific you would like more information on or would like our office to address please feel free to contact me.


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