January 2020

Happy New Year!  Can you believe 2019 has come and gone?  It’s amazing to me how quickly the years seem to fly by, however I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  Is it because I’m getting older, I’m having too much fun, or is it because life just gets busier and busier and there’s less time in general?  Well whatever it is, I’m hoping 2020 progresses at a slower pace.

Well as with every new year, there are new things to comply with.  This year brings changes to the overtime and minimum wage rules, pesticide handling (Paraquat must be applied by a certified applicant, and Chlorpyrifos will no longer be available for purchase after February), new smoke/air requirements, night work regulations, employee retirement benefit requirements and of course AB 5, just to name a few.  I know some of you are probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about for some of these things, whereas others you have already been made aware of, so we will be having workshops to cover most of these areas.  To add to the great news, you also still have to comply with everything else you have been doing every other year.

So, as always Madera County Farm Bureau (MCFB) is going to do its best to keep you informed and up to date on what you need to comply.  We are kicking the year off with a workshop on New Laws on January 24th and will have a CPR/First Aid training the day before (January 23rd).  Keep an eye out for other upcoming trainings and workshops, as we plan to have several before things pick up in the spring.

This year we also plan to have several Donut and Discussions meetings where as a member you will be able to come chat with MCFB to find out what we are working on, what you would like to see worked on, and discuss what other benefits we might be able to offer.   Our first one will be held mid to late February, so stay tuned for details.

Cheers to a new year!  May you have good health, lots of happiness, a bountiful crop and a great New Year.  -Christina


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