June 2019

This month I’d like to forgo my thoughts and share with you a poem that was recently shared publicly at a water meeting.  It spoke to me…This poem explains beautifully the struggles farmers face and farm bureau battles every day.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. -Christina




This Garden We Knew

By Ralph Pistoresi

May 3, 2019

In fields straight with precision laid,

Land where almonds, peaches, grapes were made,

Where figs and prunes and cherries grew,

Now desert.  This garden we knew.

Slowly, with malice they plotted their course,

With new regulations we must endorse.

Engine emissions, first lie to believe,

The worlds to hot from carbon its seen.

This lie, only one, in series to come,

No, don’t think, with us they were done.

Nothing we owned now complies,

From outrageous laws passed with pride.

Engines outlawed to pump water we need,

We’re destined to be felons, all, I believe.

Tractors and trucks perfect to drive,

Red tagged, dangerous, cast aside.

What we owned, paid in full, we must discard,

To indebt anew, as you’re forced to do.

Farm water metered, lab tested too,

Nothing without permission, can we do.

They hand you sorrow for the public good,

Stole from the productive, all ways they could.

They want our farms, livelihood gone,

And did it all with penalties strong.

What it took a hundred years to achieve,

They want to disappear, I strongly believe.

Our towns to languish, businesses close,

Beauty we cherished, gone, all we know.

This because, common sense, from laws did leave,

And those that stole freedom, not hung from trees.


March 2023