Featured Business – Foster & Parker Insurance

Left to Right: Lynette Allen, Kathy Peart & Steve Barsotti.  Foster & Parker Insurance Farm Bureau Member since 1995.


Business Name: Foster & Parker Insurance

Owner/Representative Name: Steve Barsotti

Location (Address): 1643 N Schnoor St, Ste 103

Phone: (559) 674-8536

Website: www.fosterparker.com


What year did your Company/Business/Farm get started?



What kinds of products/produce/merchandise do you sell/grow/distribute? What brands? 

All types of insurance, including farm package, auto, work comp, life and health.


Who is the target audience for your Company? 

Everyone can benefit from our products and services (Business people, farmers, individuals)


Are you part of a family owned business? Which family members help run the business? 

Steve Barsotti owns the business as well as a portion of the stock is owned by the employees.


What kind discounts do you offer your customers? Any special monthly or yearly sales events?

Farm Bureau members can get anywhere from 7 ½% off to 12 ½% off of insurance through Allied/Nationwide Insurance Company.


What changes would you like to see happen in Madera that would help benefit your business and/or the community? 

I would like to see more small businesses start and develop in Madera.  One of the best ways for a community to advance is the creation of wealth amongst its citizens.  I would also like to see the gang situation addresses more aggressively.  Gangs and the crime associated with them are decimating our community.  Not only causing good people to leave, but inflicting severe economic damage to everyone.


What kind of community projects does your company participate in? 

We participate in almost every community project our clients ask us to be a part of.  I feel that is one of our obligations to our clients and our community.  Just another reason we give people to buy local.


What changes have you made in your business to stay up to date with current trends?

To stay current we have updated our company website and become involved in social marketing including Facebook and Manta. 


What value do you receive from your Farm Bureau membership? 

The discounts we receive easily pays for the membership fee.  


Length of Madera County Farm Bureau membership?