Victor Packing Inc.

Victor Packing Inc.

  • What year did your Company/Business/Farm get started?

Farming 1928 and packing raisins since 1963

  • What kinds of products/produce/merchandise do you sell/grow/distribute? What brands?

Raisins our brands are Victor Organic, Madera Brand Raisins, and Liberty Bell Raisins.

  • Who is the target audience for your Company/Business/Farm? For example: Children, Farmers, Dairymen, Low Income, Schools, Everyone, etc.

Domestic and Export markets

  • Are you part of a family owned business? Which family members help run the business?

Yes, we are a family owned business

  • What changes have you made in your business to stay up to date with current trends? For example: new products, today’s youth, the green movement, alternative sources of power, advertising strategy, etc.

Organic Production, Renewable Energy (Solar), Recycling programs (oils, fiber, etc.)

  • Are you concerned with the water issues that we face in the Central Valley? What are your specific concerns?

Yes! Primary concern is suitable availability/ use of water in the San Joaquin Valley

  • Length of Madera County Farm Bureau membership?

Over 30 years.

Clif Bar produced a video featuring Victor Packing Inc. showing the family business and their growing concerns for  future farmers.