Ag Today August 6, 2018

Panel, state regulators call pesticide chlorpyrifos ‘toxic air contaminant’

Joe Szydlowski, Salinas Californian Published 9:53 a.m. PT Aug. 3, 2018

An ag pesticide is on course for stricter regulations in the next two years following a state panel declaring it a toxic air contaminant.

The state’s Department of Pesticide Regulation has previously proposed that classification for chlorpyrifos, a chemical used to kill insects that attracted scrutiny and opposition in recent years.

On Monday the Scientific Review Panel, a panel of nine independent scientists, endorsed the DPR’s proposal to label chlorpyrifos as a toxic air contaminant, said Charlotte Fadipe, assistant director of the DPR.

The decision paves the way for more restrictive regulations. DPR officials will consult with other agencies, such as the state Air Resources Board, and scientists to determine what, if any, additional rules are warranted, she said.

The state has up to two years to complete that process. Fadipe anticipates action much sooner, possibly by the end of 2018 or early 2019.

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