President’s Message – February 2014

Well here we are in a very scary weather situation.  Many trees are in bloom and most are looking pretty dry.  Our foothills look like it is mid-summer.  I was just up at Huntington Lake this past weekend and we had a light snow and it was beautiful, but there was still plenty of bare dirt.  I read in the newspaper this morning that this area has seen droughts that have lasted 200 years.  The same article said that we could withstand this kind of drought except that we would have to give up on farming in the San Joaquin Valley.  I don’t like that idea very much.  For that reason alone we must push our elected officials to stand up and get going on developing more water storage now.  Because if we can’t get them to start some of these projects –in a year like this especially,  we may be giving up on farming in the San Joaquin Valley forever.


See Ya

Tom Coleman