President’s Message – March 2013

I hope everyone is planning a wonderful Easter.  Spring is here and that means we all have a lot of work to do.  One of the jobs we all need to think about is promotion.  We need to promote agriculture.  I am constantly surprised when I get together with even my own family members, that don’t live in the valley and do not have any direct connection to agriculture. 

They want to understand farming and they just don’t.  Farmers are generally quiet and reserved individuals.  We often spend much of our day alone.  We need to tell our story; how we grow the food that feeds them. 

Unfortunately how we produce this food is often viewed in a poor light.  We grow the cleanest, healthiest food in the world.  We take care of our land, we are not wasteful.  We use the least amount of chemicals, fuel, and electricity we can.  We also use the least amount of water possible.  We deal with ever increasing regulations and reporting.  We are completely dependent on the weather and we get one pay day per year.  We need to promote what we do more often.  We feed the world.


See Ya

Tom Coleman