Presidents Message – March 2015


The Madera County Farm Bureau means many things to many people:  To most, MCFB represents the only objective advocate for agriculture for the entire county of Madera.  To others, MCFB is the ‘go to’ place for training seminars and technical advice.  But for a special group of individuals—young people entering college—the Madera County Farm Bureau is the source of hope as the generous scholarships awarded by MCFB help lighten the financial burden of higher education.


Over the years, the stewards of the Madera County Farm Bureau Scholarship Fund Trust have done an excellent job of not only managing the donations to the fund but also making sure that those funds are given out to the appropriate applicants.  There are a lot of students looking for college funding.  Unfortunately, there are only a few who desire to focus on an agriculturally-related field of study.  Finding and rewarding these key young people is most important, as they are a big part of the future of farming in our area. 


Contributions are made in a number of ways.  Often times, our members and supporters request donations to be made in their honor to the MCFB Scholarship Fund at the time of their passing.    Another approach is including a donation every year when you renew your MCFB membership.  But the primary annual source of revenue is our celebratory fundraising event that is held in the spring each year!  


This year the Madera County Farm Bureau is proud to announce the Scholarship, Wine, and Local Beer Tasting Event that is to be held on May 3 from 2-5 PM at Appellation California located just off Avenue 7 and Highway 99.  For the first time, the inclusion of craft breweries is in the taste offerings to compliment the host of fine wineries who so generously donate their energy and product each year to make this event such a success.  Tickets will be available very soon so purchase early and don’t miss out on this fine event.  What a wonderful pairing:  A fun ‘adult’ day for friends and family tasting the best our area has to offer and knowing your dollars are going to help the next generation of caretakers of our farms!


The Madera County Farm Bureau’s mission is to protect and serve agriculture in our area.  Providing scholarships to local youth who believe in our way of life is only part of the solution to the many problems facing the future of our farms.  Make sure your membership is up to date and promote joining the Madera County Farm Bureau to your family, friends, and associates.


See Ya,

Al Sheeter


March 2023