President’s Message – May 2014

Well at this point most of us know that we are on our own for water supply this summer. If your well goes out you had better have an extra one sitting idle and ready to fire up because all you are going to hear from your well company is, we will add you to our list. There is a chance that the San Joaquin River will stop flowing this year and yet there are still proposed housing developments in Madera County that propose to get their water supply from the San Joaquin. The idea is that the developer will buy water rights from somewhere else and transfer those rights to the homes they want to build. What we have seen this year is that rights or no rights you still can get zero water in a year like this one. So how could it ever make sense to make plans to take more water from the San Joaquin River for homes. It seems to me that the only reliable source of water for new homes is from desalination. But that is a long way from Madera County.

See Ya

Tom Coleman