President’s Message – July 2014

Well we are just into what looks like a very long, hot summer. Everyone I talk to seems to be on a waiting list for a well driller or a pump company. I am already seeing some trees that are not looking very happy.

So we are all thinking finally things have gotten so bad that the State will realize that we need to do something to shore up our water infrastructure in California. You may have read recently that a State poll was taken and the majority of Californians do think that our current drought is a big concern. In fact most of the environmental groups are suggesting that we can simply do a better job of conserving water and we would have more than enough. Governor Brown has set a goal for all California’s to reduce their water use by 20%. So far Californians have only reduced their water use by 5%. Along the Central Coast residences have not reduced their water use at all and San Francisco has only reduced their use by 2%. It seems that we farmers are the only ones suffering in this State wide drought. If this drought is not going to get our State to move to make major improvements in our water system this may be our new normal.

See Ya

Tom Coleman


March 2023