President’s Message – October 2013

Water has always been one of California’s most complex, expensive, and politically difficult dilemmas.  Most people in California have no understanding of how over taxed our water supply is.  They think that as long as water keeps coming out of their tap everything is okay.  Madera County like most of the state is depleting our ground water supply at an alarming rate.  Drought is part of the problem as is the lack of storage.  There is nothing we can do about the drought but we can do something about creating more storage.  We have had some very wet winters but when they come, we don’t have the ability to store the water for the dry years.  The Madera County Farm Bureau recently had the opportunity to have a tour of the proposed site for the Temperance Flat Reservoir.  This is a project that is a must if we are ever going to have a sustainable water supply for our area.  Let’s pray for lots of snow in the Sierras.


See Ya

Tom Coleman