President’s Message – October 2014

I am now the past President of the Madera County Farm Bureau. I have enjoyed the experience very much.  I have learned a great deal.  I have very much enjoyed working with Norma Castillo and Anja Raudabaugh, they are a great team.  I welcome Al Sheeter as our new president.  I have enjoyed working with Al over the past two years as our Vice President and I know he’s going to do a wonderful job.  I would also like to thank the entire board for their help and support over the last two years of my presidency.


Well it’s been a crazy year for water that’s for sure.  We are all becoming more aware of just where our water comes from and what the value of water really is.  For example this past year I paid as little as $60 an acre foot for water from Tranquillity Irrigation District and as much as $1200 an acre foot in Westland’s Water District. In Madera Irrigation District I purchased insurance water last fall at a price of $418 an acre foot.  Then I purchased subordinate water from MID at $1000 in acre foot.  It was very fortunate that I was able to have this water delivered to my ranch. I am currently searching for water to purchase for next season.


Every one of my past newsletters has had something to do with our water shortage here in Madera County.  I have been unsuccessful in solving that problem and at this time it seems the drought may continue.  I am hoping that Al can do a better job and bring some water to our county.  I will continue to pray for rain and snow in our Sierras.


See Ya,

Tom Coleman


August 2022