April 2016

FB Photo-1What a change from a dry February to a wet March, and now surface water availability… Talk about head spinning.  Most growers are scrambling to get there lift pumps in order to be able to start taking deliveries, which is a good problem to have. The fact that our reservoir levels south of the Delta are only at half capacity and the ones to the north are over capacity is still a frustrating situation, it really goes to show how broke water policies and the conveyance system really are. Hopefully everyone in the county is giving their deep wells a break and using as much of this surface water as possible. On an another note we are coming up to our annual Scholarship Wine and Beer Tasting, hopefully, everyone will be attending the event to make it another great success this year. I was fortunate enough to sit on the scholarship interview committee again, and every year I find it amazing how well rounded and excellent speakers these kids are. They all have something in common. Most of these students have participated in the FFA program, many if not all four years of high school. The FFA program has really developed the key fundamentals for these kids to become high achievers in the Ag world. It’s really a great program that we all need to support. As the growing season progresses so does the spraying of the crops, so please make sure your employees are all following the safety and spraying rules, as well as watching for oncoming traffic when coming in and out of fields. If needed, please look at our website for upcoming safety meetings to help train and keep your employees updated.  Looking forward to a good growing season!


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