April 2019

Ever wonder how you should feel about a certain agriculture-related topic or what position you should take regarding an issue?  I have, and often ask myself, “How do I feel about this?”  Or, maybe not ask how ‘should’ I feel, rather, what position does general agriculture take?

To help guide me through this process, I refer to the California Farm Bureau Policy Handbook.  Have you read through it?  In the policy handbook, you’ll find policies regarding ‘Consumer Education’, ‘Dairy,’ ‘Aquaculture,’ ‘Labeling of Agriculture Products,’ the policies go on and on.  For the first time since I’ve been a Director at the Madera Farm Bureau, I had the opportunity to participate in creating language, eventually becoming policy, in the California Farm Bureau Policy Handbook last month.

In March, I spent time in Sacramento with other farm-like minds discussing issues covered under the umbrella of what is known as the Energy, Air & Climate Issues Advisory Committee.  This is where official policy begins!  We sat roundtable for several hours discussing current issues, pertaining to Energy, Air & Climate.  We focused primarily on clarifying our position regarding issues surrounding the Paradise Camp Fire.  After the new policy language is introduced, it is soon reviewed by a Policy Review Committee (PRC).  If the PRC approves the new language, the language will then be further reviewed and presented for discussion at the California Farm Bureau Annual Meeting, during the business session later this year.  Currently, county representatives (delegates) weigh-in with their opinion on the new language for better or worse.  After discussion, a motion will be made to finally vote ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ on the newly proposed language.  If a simple majority of the delegates vote ‘yay’ the new language becomes official policy.

I know this is a lot to follow, but the point is this, the California Farm Bureau Policy Handbook is a great resource for any farm related question you may have.  Each policy is reviewed for accuracy and relevancy from people who are immersed in each ag-related industry the policy represents.

Ever want to know how the general farming population feel about water markets and transfers?  Refer to the California Farm Bureau Policy Handbook, page 42, policy number 308 to find out.  A good farmer is always learning!


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