August 2017

Wow! This heat wave has really hit the valley hard in the last week. I suppose we have gotten used to it as it has become a recurring theme for this time of year. Growers, please remind your supervisors of the importance of safety programs; especially heat illness prevention. This is very important as OSHA has been making inspections and no one wants to be cited for noncompliance. Harvest has begun in most areas, which means its go time in Madera County. As I drive around looking at fields, the crops are looking great despite the extreme heat. Thankfully, we have had ample water this year to keep our crops well hydrated and the weather patterns have been more consistent this year. The markets appear to be stable, notwithstanding the rumbles of trade talks and negotiations of a better deal.

During harvest our minds are in different places as we go about our day, please refresh your employees on safe practices when operating equipment and to take their time to avoid any accidents.

We are two months away from MCFB’s annual dinner meeting. I suggest that you buy your tickets early this year as we have the Peterson Farm Brothers joining us. They will discuss their farming history and perform a few of their famous parodies which should make for a memorable evening. Tickets are available at the MCFB office or you can call 559-674-8871. I wish everyone a bountiful and safe harvest.


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