August 2020

A guy walks into an ice cream parlor and says, “give me some chocolate, marshmallows and almonds.”  The gentleman working behind the counter said, “Careful son, you’re heading down a rocky road!”

Let me give a virtual fist-pump to all my rocky road ice cream lovers out there!  Hands-down, it’s my favorite ice cream.  But really, hasn’t this year been a rocky road?  Not the delicious, serotonin inducing  ice cream where every bite tastes like nirvana, but the rocky road of endless obstacles, hairpin turns and steep elevation grades.  This year has been a struggle, all around.  No more talk on this, rather, let’s talk about the best time of the year.  Harvest!

Quick shout-out to all the ag businesses in our county supporting farmers and ranchers.  Examples of these supporting ag businesses are, but not limited to, Pest Control Advisors, technical service advisors, equipment mechanics, part supply stores, irrigation suppliers, bankers, haulers, processing facilities, pump companies and insurance providers.  Because of you and your commitment to agriculture, we as farmers and ranchers know you have our backs when we need you the most.  Thank you for taking good care of our community.

Aside from Christmas, harvest is my favorite time of the year.  I fired-up the grape harvesters nearly a month ago for a low sugar, high acid harvest program and so far so good; we’re in the groove now.  I ironically feel calm and collected although it’s a chaotic time in our businesses.

I feel as though I’m on vacation in a way, a Davis vacation.  My wife says that I always have to be moving and doing something while on vacation.  Standing still isn’t one of my characteristics.  There is a good chance I just don’t know how to vacay, maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Harvest is a bittersweet time for my family and I as I spend much less time with my family during harvest, but the time we do spend together seems to be focused and valued.  I’m up early in the morning, down late in the evening. We eat a homecooked dinner together before I head-out to start the grape harvesters.  Truth be told, with a two-year-old and an eight-month-old, our dinners last fifteen minutes if we’re lucky and commonly interrupted by throwing food or a crying baby. (This is a regular occurrence, I promise!) And without a doubt, my favorite part of the day. We usually eat something from the garden.  Lately, my wife Alli, has been using tomatoes in everything.  We’re lucky to have productive tomato plants this year.

I know each and every one of you has a harvest story and I’d like to hear it next time I see you.  Best of luck to you this season.

Be sure to mark your calendars for our Ag United Harvest Celebration Drive-Thru Dinner on October 25th!


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