December 2015

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The holidays are upon us and this is the times to sit and enjoy family, especially after coming off the harvest season and running long hours, so enjoy the slow time. The weather truly has changed, giving us more rain to start with than we had last year, which is a true blessing. Hopefully El Nino delivers as promised.

Along with the rain we have gotten some snow (which is the real thing we need) to fill the mountains to help run water in the summer. I hope everyone has prepped there fields to try and capture and peculate as much of this rain as possible on your land. Ways to do this for vineyards include deep ripping, and for trees, applying a calcium soil amendment works great.

Take this slow time to catch up on paperwork, especially your safety programs as these are key to running a successful operation. We will be sending out updates soon on our safety classes so please look for those, and if you need any information please feel free to call the office. Don’t forget to go through and inspect all your equipment for safety issues, because of the busy time things are commonly over looked, but still need to be addressed.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and New Year!