January 2017

Happy 2017 to all. I hope this year starts off with new beginnings and fresh starts for everyone. I tell myself every new year that I need to start off the year being more organized, it’s always been a goal of mine and it starts off strong, but as the year progresses and the workload increases, the organization fades. I believe 2017 will be different; I am determined, as should you be, to have a well-organized business and be prosperous.

2017 has started with a bang, we have had some very powerful storms come through California that have given us lots of moisture but not much snow. After hearing the most recent snowpack report, I was concerned; hopefully this next storm will help boost our snowpack levels. With all the talk about water in California in the last few weeks, we’re hopeful to hear positive news after President Obama signing off on the WIIN Act. Although this is only temporary relief, it will give growers the flexibility to move more water south of the Delta when it rains.

I would also like to have all members please visit our website to review information concerning the new laws that have gone into effect for 2017 and how they will affect your operation. There are many new regulations that you may not understand; such as the minimum wage increase. It is only increasing to $10.50 per hour for those that employ more than 26 employees this year.

I encourage everyone to read up on all new legislation or call our office to ask questions, we are more than willing to help our members. On a final note, you have probably seen them advertised, but we are selling gun raffle calendars. They are $100 each and the first drawing will happen Jan 5th and weekly thereafter. Please call the office or stop by to purchase yours today as we are only selling 520, giving everyone a 1 out 10 chance of winning. Good luck!


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