July 2017

Hello all.

Is everyone ready for the Big Show? This season is moving forward very quickly with harvest right around the corner.

Hopefully most of you, or your employees, participated in our safety meetings we conducted throughout the year. Most recently we concluded our Tree & Vine safety training to help educate our members and their employees about harvester safety. It was a great turn out with 65 participants.

Harvest can be quite a stressful and busy time. Our goal is to make sure everyone has the tools to work safely throughout the year and especially during harvest.

As we get further into July the temperatures are rising with another week in the triple digits. Let’s be prepared and have our employees refreshed in Heat Illness prevention.  OSHA is out doing inspections and making sure growers are following the rules and procedures correctly. If you need more info on what is required as an employer please call our office at 559-674-8871, we have plenty of resources to help keep you compliant.

With growing season nearing the end most people are probably not thinking of irrigation and water as often as they were earlier in the season. I would like to remind all of you about SGMA. All the GSA (Groundwater Sustainability Agencies) have been formed in Madera county.  I urge growers to reach out to your respective GSA and participate in stakeholder meetings. This will be your opportunity as a landowner to voice your opinion and concerns. I implore you to work with these agencies to help create a plan that will be successful for all of Madera county.

In closing, as harvest nears please be cautious around harvest equipment and other vehicles traveling on the country roads. Happy and safe harvest to all!


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