June 2019

Anyone else feel like their candle is burning at both ends?! Right now, every farmer is digging deep, organizing crews and equipment, finding parts for broken equipment, harvesting alfalfa, planting corn, repairing irrigation wells, you name it, we’re doing it. I have seen more farm equipment on the road in three days than I saw in the last three months. It’s organized chaos, just the way I like it!

Last month, I represented Madera County Farm Bureau at this year’s Senior Farmer of the Year Dinner, hosted by the Madera Chamber of Commerce. I presented Mr. John “Jack” Fry with a plaque commemorating his, and his family’s lifelong commitment to improving local agriculture. I was given the opportunity to read Mr. Fry’s Senior Farmer of the Year application, written by his son, Tom Fry. Mr. Fry’s application was rich with community service, interest in conservation and passion for agriculture. Nothing on his application was inflated or exaggerated, only honest and true. My wife, son and I had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Fry prior to the award ceremony about his love for participating in the International Flying Farmers Organization, his lifelong support for Farm Bureau, and among other things, his interest in caring for conservation. Mr. Fry is the salt of the earth, such an amazing individual, as are all past recipients of the Senior Farmer of the Year Award. Looking back at Mr. Fry gives me a clear picture how to paint the future. If you see this fine gentleman around, please thank him for his years of community service at improving today’s agriculture, for tomorrow’s benefit.


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