March 2020

Water woes… like a gorilla you can’t shake-off your back.  We had one of the worst Februarys in history for rainfall in the Central Valley, recording only ‘trace’ amounts of precipitation.  Frankly, I’m speechless.  With continued winters providing insufficient snowpack, our state’s disinterest in investing in sufficient water storage, the misuse of the endangered species act and mishandling free flows down rivers and tributaries, how will we continue our farming operations as we approach 2040?  What changes will be necessary to ensure a farming future for you and all future farmers?  Okay, okay, that was a loaded question and maybe even a rant.  But the point is, don’t wait, the time is now to get a handle on the amount of water you apply on each acre of farmland you own.  It’s important to know more now than ever, how much water does it really take to mature a crop of XYZ on your property.

Yes, I would rather say every curse word in the urban dictionary about how I feel on issues surrounding water, labor and ridiculous regulation, but that is the least productive action I can take.  Suppose I/you could give it up, no longer farm.  But that’s not my interest, may not be yours either.  Maybe I/you would rather go down with the ship, so to speak.  For me, I plan on continuing to farm, for my family and for my ancestors who fought long and hard to keep their passion and farming operation alive and well.  Alive and well enough for the next caring family member to take the baton.  Wishing you the best this month and thank you again for your Madera County Farm Bureau membership.  We appreciate you.


March 2023