November 2015

FB Photo-1 As our fiscal year closed out here at MCFB it has given me time to reflect back on our year, and see our achievements and our downfalls. Our greatest achievement is celebrating our Centennial year. This milestone is a great accomplishment and it is an honor being able to stand as the voice and face for our local farmers and ranchers as president. Even though the issues affecting our growers are ever changing, the results are still the same: preserving agricultural for future generations to come. As a 4th generation farmer, I truly understand that and want to keep that message going.

We have gone through some changes here at MCFB, and for that I am very excited. I feel we need to have more involvement and outreach in the community. My staff and I have made this our goal. We need to get out and show our MCFB name in places it has never been! This will take some time commitment that we are vowing to do. We are wanting to commit more resources to the youth of agriculture by rolling out a new grant program through our scholarship fund to help local schools and there Ag Programs. MCFB is committing $10,000 for this grant program because we believe and want to invest in our future.

I would also like to tell everyone to look out for our new membership program that we have rolled out: “The Friends of the Farm Bureau”. It’s a great new membership for everyone, but especially for businesses. Please visit our website or call the office for more information about the two different tiers of membership available.

As everyone’s crop year comes to a close, I hope everyone can take some time and spend it with their loved ones this thanksgiving season. Please be thankful for what we all have and with this being said I wish everyone happy holidays and a great new start to the new crop year!

Jay Mahil



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