November 2020

I’m out!   It’s true, I’ve been kicked-off the Board at Madera County Farm Bureau (MCFB).  They told me, “Your services are no longer needed.”  And just like that, my two years as acting Board President are in the books.  When I say “kicked-off” I really mean, my two-year term has ended, and our incoming President Michael Naito gave me a good ol’ kick in the butt as to say, “Farewell!”

In 2013, I joined MCFB to familiarize myself with our Ag community.  I wanted to listen-in on conversations affecting our community and my family’s livelihood, maybe even participate in a critical conversation or two.  MCFB has delivered more than expected.  So far, I’ve attended five California Farm Bureau Annual Meetings from Reno to San Diego, four of which I was a voting delegate for our County.  I’ve participated in California Farm Bureau’s Issues and Advisories Committees, I even chaired California Farm Bureau’s Taxation and Land Use Policy Recommendation Committee.  I’ve done phone and television interviews with press, which is my least favorite to do.  I’ve presented at our County Supervisor meetings and had passionate one-on-one meetings with Ag leaders in our County.

I’m most proud about representing Madera County Farmers and Ranchers on all issues affecting agriculture.  Listening and learning will continue to be my priority while I remain on the Board, though it will be difficult since my wife says I have a hearing problem.  She’s right!  Remembering where our farming and ranching community came from guides my thinking where we should be going.  Thank you for your support over the last two years, I sincerely appreciate it.

Nick Davis


March 2023