September 2017

August has been a challenging month for all growers within Madera county, with the kickoff of harvest and digesting all the legislation coming at us.

With most of us in harvest mode for a few weeks now, I hope Mother Nature brings us some nice winter rain to help motivate us to getting all the crops up and out.

In order to move the farming community forward I believe that we need to unite our voices, in regard to the challenges and issues that affect us all; such as pesticide regulation, overtime, our water and land use needs. Our challenges have not decreased over time, but rather increased. Many generations of farmers have invested their whole lives in order to grow crops that help feed the world, why wouldn’t you want to help protect and preserve that?

California is a vast, agriculturally rich state and needs to be recognized as the financial generator it is for all the communities across the state. We need to take control and be bold in shaping our own destiny and future. With that being said please, save the date for MCFB Ag Unite Harvest Celebration and Annual Meeting October 15th at Chowchilla fairgrounds.  A prime rib dinner will be served, and this year we will have the Peterson Farm Brothers joining us all the way from Kansas! They will bring their farming stories and great humorous parodies.  It will be an evening to remember. Please call the office for tickets at 559-674-8871 as seating is limited and we expect the event to sell out early. Happy and safe harvest to all.


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