Training & Signage Materials


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Additional Training Materials

Other Manuals, Signs, Videos, DVD’s that Madera County Farm Bureau has to offer its members:

  1. Injury and Illness Prevention Program Binder
  2. Trainers Guide to Tractor Safety Manuals
  3. Orchard Safety DVD’s & VHS (English & Spanish)
    Tree Fruit & Specialty Crops
    (b) Citrus & Avocado Crops
  4. Respirator Protection Program pamphlet
  5. Dairy Safety Video Manuals DVD’s & VHS (English & Spanish)
  6. Tractor Safety Video Manuals DVD’s & VHS (English & Spanish)
  7. Pesticide Safety Video Manual – DVD only (English & Spanish)
  8. Heat Stress Prevention Illness Cards (English & Spanish)
  9. Laminated 2012 Official Labor Law Poster Sets (English & Spanish)
  10. Farm Labor Contractor Guides (English & Spanish)
  11. Preparation for a Government Inspector Guide
  12. Procedures for employers to follow upon a surprise visit guide
  13. Records Retention Chart

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