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Welcome to Madera County

Welcome to Madera County, where farming is still a way of life for many. Madera is home to a wide variety of locally grown produce. Residents can enjoy and purchase fresh produce grown right here at home by visiting our farmers markets, and many do on Thursday evenings at the downtown market.

madera-farm-cropsThe climate allows us to grow just about any type of fruit and nut crop, although Madera County’s top three commodities are; almonds, milk  and grapes (table, wine and raisin). Most farms in the county are owned by families, and this trend is consistent throughout the state.

In California, the average size of a farm is 313 acres and there are a total of 81,033 farms in the entire state. Of the total farms, 64,000 of them are owned and managed by farm families. Farms are passed down from one generation to the next, and our county boasts many 3rd and 4th generation farm families.

This year, the harvest season will begin very soon, near the Labor Day holiday. In fact, many almond farmers are already shaking nuts off of their trees. We are home to several organic farms, and many farmers choose to vary their farming practices by farming some fields organically and others conventionally. Oftentimes, this decision may be made based on market demand, just as in other types of businesses.

Agritourism is alive, with many options to choose from in Madera. In October, visitors may enjoy a walk through the Corn Maze. Rumor has it that they will use a variety of corn that doesn’t produce corn cobs, thereby, making it a perfect option for a corn maze! Year-round, the well-traveled Madera Wine Trail is open to wine lovers and the occasional imbiber. The next Wine Trail event is the weekend of November 14th & 15th from 10am to 5pm. Lastly, school-age children are lucky to visit the “Pizza Farm” annually. At the Pizza Farm, they learn how the different ingredients in one of their favorite foods are farmed and harvested. Enjoy!

Top 3 Commodities:

1 – Almonds. Nuts & Hulls $771,134,000

2 – Grapes $298,350,000

3 – Milk $254,996,000

Overall Gross Crop Production for Madera County in 2015:


Madera County State Rankings:

#1 in Fig production in CA

#4 in Raisin Grape Production in CA

#4 in Pistachio Production in CA

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